List of Word Games and Puzzles for Play Online

  • 20Q - 20 Questions
    Online Version of the Classic Game of Twenty Questions
    - Game play is easy - you think of an object - animal, vegetable, mineral, or other - then the computer uses Artificial Intelligence (aka A.I.) to guess what you are thinking of. It asks you a series of questions to determine your object, using previous player's answers to figure it out. 20Q learns to read your mind the more it is played! A fun game that is offered in different languages and also themes such as famous people, movies, and music too. This is a single player game.

  • Play Babble
    Online Find-A-Word Game
    - This is a free daily puzzle game featuring a 5 by 5 grid of letters in which you must try to find as many words (4 letters or more) as possible. It's individual play, but you can chat with the community of other players while you search for words. Game play is similar to Boggle - try to make the leaderboard with a high score! Free registration.

Fun Online Word Games
  • Fridge Poetry
    Refrigerator Magnets Game
    - It's a free for all as players use this big online refrigerator and a bunch of virtual magnetic words to form sentences or, perhaps, some poetry?! If you're a poet or just want to pass the time of day, give this a quick go. This is a multiplayer/group game activity.

  • typeracer
    Typing Race Game
    - Type a paragraph as fast as you can as you race opponents in a typing skill game. This is lots of fun and has the bonus that you improve your typing speed the more you play! This is a multiplayer game.

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