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Board Game Reviews / Party Games

Compete for Cash Prizes playing MONOPOLY Downtown!

Sucessfully complete a variety of activities to advance around the gameboard and reach Cranium Central where your team must complete a final task to win the game. This is a very fun party game for two or more teams. There are 4 main categories of activities that can be performed - "Data Head", "Word Worm", "Creative Cat", and "Star Perfomer". The activities that must be performed include things seen in other games such are Pictionary, Charades, and answering trivia questions. There are also word puzzles, spelling (including spelling backwards), and definitions. There are lots of fun and unusual things to do such as getting your team to guess words or actions by forming clay sculptures, humming a tune, or drawing with your eyes closed! What I like about this game is there is basically something for everyone. Some players are good at trivia, some at drawing, some at acting or charades, some at spelling or word games. A great game, and a lot of fun and laughs for a party or group of friends. We have been playing this game at most of our family game parties these days, and it is usually a lot of guaranteed laughs when someone is trying to sculpt something (I had to sculpt Goliath yesterday) or performing a "Copycat" where the player has to act out a famous person or character. Super! - - - Cranium can be purchased at AreYouGame.
NOTE: Rule Changes: We made a change to the rules that if you roll a purple while your team is on the outside track - your team advances to the next square of the color that you are currently on, but not past the next purple brain (so if you are on red and you roll a purple - you advance to the next red without passing the next purple brain). We made this change to eliminate some of the luck involved in the dice roll.

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