List of Fun Carnival Game Ideas for Home Carnivals or Community Fundraisers

  1. Balloon Pop Prize Board - Place a variety of different colored balloons pinned onto a big prize board, inside each balloon has been placed a folded slip of paper with a number 1 to 10 written on it. Each player pops a balloon of choice - either by darts or with a pin by hand. The number is read and the player wins that "prize", depending on the number. Create a prize board that lists each number and it's corresponding prize to be awarded - - example" 1. win small stuffed animal. 2. win carnival tickets (for use at other games or rides, etc.) 3. win small toy. 4. LOSER. 5. player must make a fool of himself. 6. player must forfeit something. 7. win large stuffed toy. 8. LOSER. 9. secret jackpot prize to be revealed at carnival end. 10. three extra game plays. - - - You can make this board have anything you wish, have fun creating it!

  2. Penny Toss Game - Set up a table full of jars, small bowls, and large bowls. Players toss pennies from a behind a line to try and land the penny inside a jar or bowl. Award different prizes depending on which container is landed in - smaller prizes for the large, easier to land bowls, bigger and better prizes for landing in small jars or bowls that are difficult (test ahead to see which containers are the hardest!). Of course, a variation of this game is to purchase a variety of inexpensive glasses, bowls, jars, plates, etc. and players are awarded the container or dishware that their penny lands in as the prize.

  3. Hula Dance Contest - Purchase some inexpensive Hawaiian grass skirts and leis, then for your carnival set off an area in which folks can put on skirts and leis and compete in hula dancing contests during the day. Let audience members vote for winners, who will receive prizes. Another option is to have grass skirt supplies and decorations available so people can create their own hula skirts!

  4. Homemade Ring-Toss Game Idea - Use an upturned chair, the chair legs acting as the stakes/pegs (see illustration). Throw rings from behind a start line and try to hook the most rings around the chair legs as you can!
    Ring Toss Game Idea

Fun Carnival Games

  1. Duck Pond Ring Toss - You will need a small, inflatable swimming/wading pool, three large plastic rings, and a bunch of small, plastic ducks. Before the carnival - paint a red dot on the bottom of three of the ducks and a large green star on the bottom of one duck. Fill the pool with water, then place all the ducks to float on the top of the water. Players get three tosses to try and get a ring around one of the floating ducks. A ring around a duck is rewarded with a prize. If the bottom of the duck has a red dot, a larger prize is awarded, and if the duck has the green star - player wins a large, jackpot prize.

  2. Silly String Fun Zone - Have a designated/marked off area called the "Silly String Fun Zone" where kids can use their carnival tickets to purchase and use a bottle of "Silly String" and have fun spraying the other kids in the "Zone", open at a set time during the carnival. Have different colors available for each child to choose from.

  3. Find My Twin - As each person arrives at the carnival they are given a sticker to wear on their clothes. Each sticker has written on it a color and a type of animal, for example "Purple Cat", "Blue Donkey", "Orange Monkey", etc. Create two of each sticker so that it has a match (aka twin). The object of the game is for each person to find their twin with matching sticker at some point during the carnival, then the newly found "twins" can go to a prize booth to collect a special prize for finding their twin. The prizes can be small trinkets or matching t-shirts, hats, etc. for the twins to wear for the rest of the event. A variation on this game for a larger carnival can be "Triplets" (create three matching stickers instead of two).

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