List of Online Survey Sites where you can take surveys to earn cash or gift cards

  • SurveySavvy
    Take online surveys and get paid Cash!
    - Join this research panel, free membership. You will be sent survey invitations via email and rewarded with cash for each survey that you qualify for and complete taking. The amount of cash incentive offered varies for each survey. This is a great and reliable survey site, highly recommended.
    Eligibility Requirements: Open worldwide to all ages

  • MintVine
    Paid Market Research Surveys
    - Complete surveys to earn Points - when you have 1000 Points you can cashout via PayPal for real cash! 1000 points is worth $10. Each survey you qualify for and complete awards a minimum of 225 Points and there is also a daily quick poll you can take to earn 5 Points. They start you out with 200 free Points when you join. Very Cool!
    Eligibility Requirements: Open worldwide to persons 18 years of age of older (13 to 17 years old may also participate with parental consent)

  • Join Toluna USA
    Express your opinion and get rewarded for it!
    - Join this online survey panel community and you can take surveys for Points. Redeem your Points for cash or gift cards - or use some Points to enter sweepstakes for chances at some cool prizes. There's also some opportunities to test products (lucky testers are selected randomly) and lots of user created polls for fun.
    Eligibility Requirements: Open to residents of the USA, 13 years or older

  • Honest Insite
    Free Survey Panel
    - Take surveys and get paid cash rewards (varies for each survey, usually between $1 and $3). When you have $15 you can redeem your rewards via gift cards (, BestBuy, Starbucks, Walmart, Visa Gift Card) or get Paypal cash.
    Eligibility Requirements: Open to residents of the USA, 13 years or older

Tests and Surveys

List of Free Online IQ Tests you can take

  • IQ Test Labs
    Free 30 Question Intelligence Test Online - - Find out your IQ in 15 minutes. You answer 30 multiple-choice test questions, the test is timed while you take it. After 15 minutes is up - you will immediately be given your IQ score, and other information about your intelligence, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses. This test is free to take, just requires a simple sign-up. After the test, it asks you a few demographic questions.

  • Quick IQ Test
    - - You can take this one fast (no registration), only 15 questions. The questions are scored based on difficulty and you get your results instantly after answering all the questions (you are also given an "Official IQ Badge" to place on your blog, etc. if you are proud of your score!). This is a free IQ test.

  • Color IQ Test
    - - Try this fun, easy test to learn how well you see color. Looking at four rows of colors, you use your mouse to drag and drop the colors in each row so that they are arranged in hue order. Then find out how you did instantly by clicking "Score Test".

    Free Personality Tests

  • Learnmyself
    "Eerily Accurate" Personality Test
    - - Free test with 120 questions you can take online to learn more about yourself and your personality. Uncanny!

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