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  • Happy Wheels Game
    Platform Game with a Guy on Wheels
    - Move a man riding on something wheeled (like a lawnmower, bike, wheelchair, etc) through each level without letting him lose his wheels or get violently killed. Weird, fun, and quite gory. There are lots of levels! There are user submitted levels and a level editor.
    Who Can Play: Violent game that is best for 18 years or older (or has a parent or guardian's permission to play)

    Zombies Ate My Pizza shooter game

  • Retro Ad for "Oddball Game" from 1961, only $1 - "It's the newest game sensation. Try it!". This 1960s toy certainly leaves me feeling curious as to how it was actually played with and what the game play goal was.
    Oddball Game Toy

Weird and Odd Games to Play
  • Day of the Bobteds
    Quirky Online Puzzle Game
    - Click to place your ball, then attempt to hit the "Bobted" with the ball to destroy it. You must use some logic and brain power to figure out the best placement of the balls so they hit and clear away all the Bobteds on each level. This game has 18 levels, some pretty easy and some more difficult to solve. Okay, just what the heck is a Bobted? Object, varies each level - example, barbecue grills, stars, hearts, coins, etc.

  • game, game, game and again game
    Bizarre Hand-drawn Platformer Game
    - Artwork scribbles meet platform game play with 13 levels for your gaming pleasure. Yeah, this one is strange but also fun. The drawings look like they were done by a 6-year old, the background includes odd poems - you play as a sort of scribble spider creature which you must move through the level. Don't get killed (or you have to hear a voice taunting "Come on and meet your maker" and start over) - - - and try to reach the windowed door at the bottom to advance to the next level.

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