List of the Funnest Facebook Games to Play Online

The best free Game apps you can play on Facebook.

  • Township
    "Build A Town" Facebook Game
    - This is a great game if you enjoy building a city type of gaming. Build houses, factories, and community buildings - add roads, trees, decorations and create your own virtual city! Grow crops, visit neighbors to get supplies, and have fun. I like this game because it offers a lot of room for creativity in designing and landscaping your town, with many interesting houses and decorations available. Note: this is a game in which you do need to have some Facebook friends as neighbors to help you get the building materials required for your construction.

  • Mahjong Trails
    Facebook Mahgong Solitaire Game
    - Match pairs and discover new layouts as you travel through the levels and around the world! Layouts get more and more difficult as you progress through the game and you must solve each one within the time limit given. You can also compete with your Facebook friends for high scores. Spin the Daily "Wheel of Fortune" to win free game bonuses.

  • The Tribez
    Facebook Simulation Game
    - Build a village for your tribe. Increase your number of villagers as you grow crops, gather food, construct houses and production buildings, and give your villagers some entertainment like an ancient bar, bathhouse, or trampoline. Raise a Dino (or several) to help you attack some nasty savages that want to set your huts on fire! And make sure you have enough warehouses to store all the supplies you need for construction and feeding Dino's. As you progress through the game you open up new lands and islands. Your villagers are rather goofy fellows that say "yo" a lot, and "hey" if you pick them up. What is good about this game is that you can play without needing neighbors. You can have neighbors to help you get extra supplies and send gifts, but it is not required to advance in the game.

  • QwizShow
    Facebook Trivia Quiz Game
    - This is a multiplayer game playable on Facebook that is super fun! Play against nine live opponents in this quiz game that is similar in style to a TV game show. You get tickets each day for a free daily game (sometimes you also get bonus tickets) in the categories of General Trivia or Pop Culture. The game is played in rounds of three multiple-choice questions, a wager round, plus a final round only for the top five scoring players - quickness counts as you try to answer questions correctly and get the most virtual money to win. If you win, by the way, you get an extra free game!

Fun Facebook Games

Did You Know? Over 100 years ago there was another "Face Book" fad of a different sort

A little history - - Between 1901 and 1903 a new social activity became a popular fad for a few years. It was called a "Face Book". At parlor socials, young people used their new Face Book to entertain their friends. The Face Book was a sketch book in which each person drew the head and face of a person or animal to amuse their friends. The book was soon filled with these faces for all to see and laugh over! Of course, this has no relation to the Facebook of today, but it IS an interesting little tidbit of trivia.

The Face Book Idea Circa 1901
Newspaper story clip from October 1901 titled : The "Face Book" Idea

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