Opinion Polls to Earn Cash Rewards

Here's places you can take fun polls and be rewarded with cash money at the same time!

  • InstantCash Sweepstakes
    Take Quick Polls - Win Instant Cash
    - Here you can answer entertaining, often thought-provoking multiple-choice poll questions created by other users on a wide variety of interesting topics. After each three-question poll you take you might instantly win a small cash reward. You also win tickets and Coins; use your tickets as entries in the daily lottery to win a $50 prize and the Coins you've won can be entered into the $2 lottery with drawings held every four hours to win a $2 prize. You can also write a survey and get 100 extra lottery tickets for yourself. Good site!
    Eligibility Requirements: Open to residents of the United States, 18 years of age or older

  • MintVine
    Paid Market Research Surveys
    - Complete surveys to earn Points - when you have 1000 Points you can cashout via PayPal for real cash! 1000 points is worth $10. Each survey you qualify for and complete awards you Points (and even if you don't qualify, you still often get a few Points for your trouble). There is also a daily quick poll you can take to earn 5 Points. Very Cool! Love this program.
    Eligibility Requirements: Open worldwide to persons 18 years of age of older (13 to 17 years old may also participate with parental consent)

  • Visit FunJoint's Survey Page for more legit survey sites to earn money.

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