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Play fun Victorian Parlour Games at your next party!

Cat and Mouse

- - Place two rows of chairs facing each other with just enough space between the rows for a person to pass through. Select one player to be the cat and one player to be the mouse. All other players sit in the chairs. Blindfold the cat and mouse and have one stand at each end of the pathway of chairs. Cat and mouse walk around the two rows of spectators and must stay within touching distance of them. The cat attempts to catch the mouse - he should stay blindfolded and hunt the mouse entirely by listening. When the mouse has been caught, two new players are chosen to be the cat and mouse.

Throwing Up Lights

- - Two players leave the room and secretly decide upon a word. They come back to the room and carry on a conversation between themselves to help throw some light on what the word is. All the other players must try to guess the word by listening to the conversation. If a player thinks he knows what the word is, he calls out "I strike a light" - then whispers his guess to one of the two lead players. If he is correct, he joins the first two players in the conversation while the rest of the players continue to guess. If he is incorrect, he must sit on the floor with a handkerchief over his face for the rest of the game, or until he guesses correctly. The game continues until all players have guessed the word.

How, Why, When, and Where

- - One player thinks of the name of an object or thing - the other players must guess what that object is by asking one of these four questions: "How do you like it?", "Why do you like it?", "When do you like it?", or "Where do you like it?". Each player may ask only one question each. The first player may try to confuse the questioners by choosing a word that has more than one meaning and using all the meanings in his replies. For example "Tail and Tale", or "Mail and Male".

The Bellman

- - One player is chosen to be "the bellman", all other players are blindfolded. The bellman carries a small bell, which he rings from time to time as he walks about the room. All the blindfolded players must try to catch the bellman, while the bellman attempts to avoid being caught. When someone catches the bellman, they change places with him and become the new bellman - and play continues.

Hot Boiled Beans

- - Send one player out of the room, then hide a small article. Call to the player who is "It" saying, "Hot Boiled Beans and Bacon for supper, hurry up before it gets cold." The player returns to the room and attempts to find the missing article. Everyone else shouts out that his supper is getting "very cold", "cold", "hot", "very hot", or "burning" in relation to how close or far he is from the hidden item.

The Minister's Cat

- - All players sit in a circle. The first player describes the minister's cat with any adjective that starts with the letter "A". Example: "The minister's cat is an adorable cat." The next player must also use the letter "A" - such as "The minister's cat is an angry cat.", and so on all the way around the circle. When it comes back to the first player the letter "B' is used - example: "The minister's cat is a bashful cat." Anyone who can't come up with an adjective or repeats one that was already used is out of the game.


- - One player is blindfolded, all the other players station themselves in different parts of the room. The blind man feels his way about the room until finally touching someone. The player that is touched becomes his prisoner and must immediately do an imitation of some kind of animal - dog, cat, horse, cow, pig, donkey, rooster (whatever they think of), repeating the animal sound three times. The blind man must guess the name of the prisoner - if he guesses correctly, the prisoner becomes the blind man, and a new game begins.


- - You need a small, fluffy feather. All players pull their chairs together in a close circle. One player throws the feather into the air as high as possible, then blows the feather to keep it in the air. The player that the feather comes closest to does the same, trying to prevent the feather from touching him. If the feather touches a player, that player is out of the game. Players try to keep the feather floating in the air.

The Laughing Game

- - All players sit in a circle. One player starts the game by saying "Ha". Then, going around the circle, the second player says "Ha Ha", third player says"Ha Ha Ha", and so on. All players must not laugh or smile, but must proceed with straight faces. Anyone who fails to do this is out of the game.

I've Been to Market

- - All players form a circle. The first player says to the player on his left, "I've been to market". Player to his left answers, "What have you bought?". The first player names any article that he likes, provided that he can touch that article - clothing, his shoe, the carpet - - anything within his reach without standing up. Play goes around the circle, all players must name something that has not already been said, or they forfeit the game.

Poor Pussy

- - One player is chosen to be "pussy", all the other players sit in a circle. Pussy walks around the inside of the circle on hands and knees and then adopts a begging postion at the feet of one chosen person in the circle. Pussy tries to look as pitiful as possible and must cry out a sad sounding "meow" sound. The chosen player in front of pussy must now say out loud without smiling "Poor Pussy" - this must be repeated three times (poor pussy, poor pussy, poor pussy). If the player has even a hint of a smile, he must change places and become new Pussy and the game continues. (Note: obviously, with today's modern era slang for the term "pussy" this could make it even more difficult for players to control their laughs.)

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