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The Slingo Page - Play!

Fun Stuff!

  • Slingo Games
    Play free Slingo Online Games to earn Slingo Coins. Enter your coins in sweepstakes to win cash prizes or a Microsoft XBox. Current games: Slingo Match'Ums and Slingo Slot Slingo. Plus a Slingo SuperPics Contest where you pick your choices for the winners of sports, current events, etc. - currently running is the Oscars 2002 SuperPics game. Also, try the daily trivia contest - answer a trivia question correctly and you win 100 Slingo Coins instantly. Get 500 free Slingo Coins when you join!
    PRIZE: Daily Prize - $50 cash. Weekly Prize - $200 cash. Monthly Prize - $1,000 cash. Monthly Prize - Microsoft X-Box entertainment system with 3 games (value - $599).
    DETAILS: Free games to win Slingo Coins which are entered to win prizes in sweepstakes drawings. Games require Flash 5. Site also offers download of Single Slingo game (free 45-day trial).
    ELIGIBILITY: No restrictions

  • Slingo (Jewel Case)

    (This is the jewel case edition available at Amazon.com. It says it may not have printed instructions with it - but the good news - it's only $9.99!).

    The Addictive Combination of SLOTS and BINGO! The hottest game on America Online is now playing on CD-ROM! Better than Slots and better than Bingo, it's SLINGO! With 5 exciting game variations, like Giant Slingo and Duel Slingo, there¹s suspense-building fun for everyone! Pull the handle and spin the reels. Match card and reel numbers for points. Fill a row across, down or diagonally to make a "Slingo"! Collect Free Spins and "go wild" over Jokers. Spin to win‹but watch out for that Devil! Key Features:

  • 5 new ways to play: Classic, Giant, Mixed Matrix, Super Squares and Duel Slingo!
  • Play whenever you want‹no need to be connected!
  • Choose your opponent over the Zone with Duel variation
  • Solo, Hot-seat, LAN, and Internet play with Chat available on all variations

    MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows® 95/98; 486/66 MHZ CPU or higher; 8 MB RAM; 2X CD-ROM; 30 MB free hard drive space; Windows® 95/98 compatible SVGA Card; 14.4 baud modem or higher (for internet play); DirectX version 5.2 (included) or higher; Windows® 95/98 compatible sound card; mouse.

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