List of Ideas for Fun Baby Shower Games

  1. Baby Memory Game - Place a variety of small objects on a tray that relate to a baby. Ideas: diaper pin, baby bonnet, rattle, pacifier, baby care book, baby bootie (you get the idea). Place the tray so all in the room can see it. You should have the items covered, then uncover them and start the timer for 30 seconds (or whatever time length you decide upon). Let everyone look at the items and try and remember them all. Then take the tray away and let everyone write down a list of all the objects they saw on the tray. Person with the most correct answers wins a prize. You will probably want to have at least 30 items on the tray, to make it more difficult.

  2. Baby Food Taste Game - Remove the labels from ten (or more, if you like) different types of baby food. Number each jar from 1 to 10. Line them up along a table and place a bunch of plastic spoons next to each jar. Let everyone taste each type of food and write down what flavor they believe each numbered jar is. Person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

  3. Whatever You Say - Don't Say "Baby"! - As each shower guest arrives, give them a diaper pin which they must pin on their clothes. During the party if any guest says the word "baby" the first person to catch the mistake may ask for that guest's pin, which they then must pin on themselves (if the guest who said "baby" currently has more than one pin, you can decide in advance whether they must turn over ALL their pins - or just one). The person at the end of the party with the most pin's wins a prize.

  4. Scoop the Cotton Ball Game - Fill a large (unbreakable) bowl with cotton balls. Place a second, empty bowl about 12 inches to one side of the first bowl. Have each party guest use a large spoon to attempt to scoop up as many cotton balls as they can out of the bowl and into the other bowl - while blindfolded! Each guest gets three tries - then the cotton balls are counted and returned to the first bowl. Person who scooped the most cotton balls wins a prize.

  5. Guess Mommy-to-Be's Belly Measurement - Pass around a ball of string and scissors to each party guest. Each guest must cut a length of string the length they believe to match Mommy-to-Be's current waist measurement. After all the guests have cut their string length - Mom-to-Be's belly is measured with string - then each guest's piece of string is matched against Mom-to-be's string. The guest whose string matches the closest wins a prize.

  6. Pink Bow, Blue Bow - A game for a Mommy-to-Be who already knows the sex of her expectant child. If the baby is to be a girl - have a large selection of tiny pink bows hooked on little gold pins (blue if the baby is to be a boy). Place the little bows all over the house, yard, or venue where the shower is being held. Tack in hard-to-see, but not hidden spots (no placing in drawers or spots not completely visible). Each guest is told when ALL guests have arrived that when they find one of the tiny bows, to pin it on themselves. At the end of the event, the person who has the most bows wins a prize.

  7. Baby Photo Match-Up - In the baby shower invitation, request all guests to bring a snapshot of themselves as a baby. As everyone arrives, the party hostess should take each baby photo (without anyone seeing the other guests photos) and arrange on a board with a number below each photo. During game play, each guest should be provided with a pen or pencil and piece of paper. Everyone should write down the name of the party guest they believe is pictured in each numbered baby photo. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

  8. Baby Socks Matching Game - In the baby shower invitation, request all guests to bring a new pair of baby socks (colored or with a print) to the shower. Gather up all the socks as each guest arrives, separate the different socks and mix ALL socks in a big pile. The game - each guest must go to the pile and match all the pairs of socks as quickly as possible. (Be sure to thoroughly re-mix the socks for each new player.) The party hostess should use a stop watch to time how many seconds it takes each player to match all the socks. Person who matches up all the pairs of socks the quickest wins a prize. BONUS: Mom-to-be gets to keep all the socks for her new baby!

  9. Diaper the "Baby" - Divide the party guests into teams, giving each team several rolls of white toilet paper, plus an assortment of colorful diaper pins, baby bibs, pacifiers, and any other baby items you can think of to dress up a baby. Each team chooses one person to be the "baby". The rest of the team must diaper the baby by creating the diaper out of toilet paper - the more elaborate and amusing the creation, the better. The mother-to-be then judges each team's baby and picks the best, funniest (whatever criteria mom-to-be decides) for prizes. This also is a fun game to play at a co-ed baby shower - break into couples and have each woman diaper her man. Be ready for lots of laughs!

  10. "Draw Baby" Game - Give each party guest a piece of paper, pen/pencil, and a blindfold. Have everyone label the back of their paper with their name, then blindfold each guest and give the group 30 seconds to draw the best baby they can. Now hand mom-to-be the stack of baby drawings (don't let her see who drew which picture) - the mom-to-be picks the best-looking baby drawing for a prize. There can also be a consolation prize for the drawing that gets the biggest laughs.

Fun Games for Baby and Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Games List

  1. Bride and Groom Name Game - Prepare in advance a piece of paper for each party guest which has at the top written the first and last name of the groom and the first and last name of the bride. Hand each guest one of the papers and a pen or pencil. Now put the timer on to a preselected amount of time (between 1 to 5 minutes, depending on how difficult you want to make it). Each guest writes as many words as they can think of made from letters taken from the bride and groom's names. Example: The names are Anna Jones / George Smith. Possible words are: SAME JOG MONTH MORE EGO THIS SEEN - you get the idea. After time is up, the person who came up with the most words wins a prize. NOTE: If the names are long, you may want to just use the bride and groom's first names to make it harder.

  2. Groom in the Balloon - Before the party, prepare balloons (one for each party guest) as follows: put a folded up photo of the groom inside a balloon, then blow up the balloon and tie the end. For all the other balloons: fold up a photo or image of various celebrity men / favorite male hotties and hunks (be sure to include some of the bride's faves) and place one inside each of the other balloons. You can cut pictures from magazines or print out from the computer (you want the groom photo to be on similar paper to the others). Place all the balloons together, then at some point during the party, each guest must select one of the balloons. All party guests then pop their balloon (you can provide pins, or for a wilder time, guests can pop their balloon with their butt) - whichever guest has the balloon with the groom in it wins a prize. For added fun, you can make the various photos inside the balloons as risque as you like!

  3. Toilet Paper Gown Game - Divide the party guests into teams, give each team several rolls of white toilet paper, and a selection of cheap costume jewelry (tiaras, beaded necklaces, rings, etc). Each team chooses one person to be the bride. The rest of the team must dress up the "bride" in a wedding gown made out of toilet paper, along with display of jewelry. Each team should try to be as creative as possible. Then each "toilet paper bride" models her gown, strutting down the catwalk to show off her stuff. The bride herself then selects the team that has created the best (most original, funniest, whatever the bride decides) bridal outfit to win prizes.

  4. Spice Cabinet Game - Place ten different spices into ten empty baby food jars and number the jars 1 to 10 (you can use more spices to make it harder, if you like). Line the jars along a table and have each party guest smell the contents of each jar. They must write down what they believe is the type of spice contained in each numbered jar. Person with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

  5. "Picture This" Word Game - Before the shower, make up individual cards with words commonly associated with weddings. Have a big blackboard or large drawing pad of paper placed in front of the room for all the see. Divide the party guests into teams. Each person gets a chance to go to the front, choose a card at random, then attempt to draw the word on the card to make people guess what the secret word is (like Pictionary). The person that shouts out the word first gets a point for their team. After each person has had a turn (you can make it two turns for a smaller party) add up the points. Team with the highest number of points win prizes. Here's some words you might want to use: BRIDE - BOUQUET - HONEYMOON - SHOWER - BACHELOR PARTY - VEIL - FLOWER GIRL - WEDDING RING - GARTER - BRIDESMAID - BEST MAN

  6. "Don't Touch Your Hair" Game - Before the party buy a bunch of hair barrettes or hair clips - enough so that each party guest can be given one at the beginning of the shower. Each guest when arriving, puts the barrette in her hair. During the shower any guest who is seen touching her own hair can be asked by another guest to give up her barrette. That person then pins the barrette into her own hair, and so on. At the end of the shower, the party guest who has the most barrettes wins a prize. All guests get to keep their barrettes as party favors (those who have accumulated a lot of barrettes may want to hand out some to guests who are left with none). If the party is coed - play is exactly the same. And be ready for lots of laughs seeing all the guys with barrettes pinned in their hair!

  7. Bride and Groom News - Before the party, find out as many tidbits of personal information as you can about the bride and groom. Then print up the "Bride and Groom News" - a newspaper/newsletter containing stories about the bride and the groom, with some true information and some NOT true information. Print up enough copies so that there is one newspaper for each party guest. Game play: each guest receives a copy of the newspaper and a pencil or pen. Players read the news and circle each piece of information they believe to be bogus. After play, whichever player correctly found the most FAKE news items wins a prize.

  8. Wedding Shower "White Stuff" Game - Before the shower place the following white powders into heavy ziploc sandwich bags and seal shut - flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda, powdered milk, Bisquick, cream of tartar, cornstarch, unflavored gelatin, powdered (confectioners) sugar, and any similar white cooking items you can find around the kitchen. Number the bags. For game play give all shower guests a piece of paper and pen/pencil. Each guest can look and feel each item (but is not allowed to open or try to smell in the bags), then writes down what they think is in each bag. Player with the most correct answers wins a prize.

  9. How Old Was the Bride? - How Old Was the Groom? - Before the shower, ask the couple or the couple's parents for photos of the bride and photos of the groom taken at a variety of different ages from babyhood to more recent photos. Pin all the photos on a big board, mixed up chronologically and numbered. Give each party guest a piece of paper, then during the party each guest writes down their guess as to how old the bride or groom was in each different photo. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

  10. Bride's Apron Game - In the wedding shower invitation, ask each guest to bring with them to the shower a small, inexpensive purchased kitchen utensil (anything from practical to the unusual, but useful). Ideas: wooden spoon, measuring spoons, wire whisk, potholder, kitchen towel, measuring cup, spatula, tongs, etc. Purchase an apron for the party and as each guest arrives, attach/pin each item to the apron (out of view of the other guests). For game play - Have the bride put on the apron and walk in front of the party guests, letting each guest have a chance to view the apron to try and memorize all the items pinned to it. Then after a few minutes the bride leaves the room. Give all guests a pen/pencil and piece of paper and have everyone now write down all the kitchen items they can remember that they saw on the apron. Guest with the most correct answers wins a prize. BONUS: the bride gets to keep the apron and all the kitchen utensils as a party gift!

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