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Platform Scroller Games Online - Freeware Download

Sidescrolling games - old-time classic jump and run fun.

  • Icy Tower - Harold the Homeboy has decided to climb a huge tower he found the other day. Jump Harold from platform to platform up the tower and gain as high a score as possible by getting him as high up the tower as you can without falling down. You get points for each floor you reach and extra points (and cool sound effects!) by making combo jumps. This is a simple, but highly addictive (trust me!) game that is loads of fun. After the first few days of playing this I had a VERY sore wrist from hitting the spacebar to jump Harold up the tower as fast as possible. This game is really different and totally cool. From the same people that brought us one of my fave games - Happyland Adventures, I have already told several people about this game and they are as addicted as I am!
    FREEWARE GAME (Download requirements: Icy Tower 1.5.1 is a 4.63 MB .exe download)
  • Happyland Adventures - - - DOS freeware game - a classic jump n' run game combined with puzzle elements and surprises. Explore 7 levels, collect fruit, and save the Happylanders. Watch out for the bad snails and monkeys! - - I will start off by saying first off that I love this game. You play a dog who moves through Happyland collecting fruit, ice cream cones, money bags, and diamonds to get points. At the same time you must try and rescue all the Happyland creatures and exit each level. This game is a very fast download (only took a few minutes) and it is super fun to play. I also enjoy the music and sound effects that go along with the game. I have been playing several times a day to try and improve my score (it includes a Hall of Fame highscore list) - I have still only made it to the sixth level. There are lots of user created extra levels available for download, as well as an Xmas edition. If you want a fun game that's quick to download, and free as well - give this game a try.
    (Download requirements: FREEWARE - - DOS platform scroller game - a 3.09 MB download. Includes Map Editor to create your own levels.

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