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Magic Tricks Online / Optical Illusions / Card Tricks

  • Puzzler - Tell a friend you can place him in a position somewhere in the room where he will be completely unable to lift his left foot from the floor, although the foot will be completely free from restraint. Stand the friend next to a wall with his right cheek AND the side of his right foot both touching the wall. When your friend tries to lift his foot - he will not be able to as long as he keeps the cheek and right foot touching the wall.

  • Amusing Drinking Trick - Bet someone you can place a glass of water on a table, completely cover it with a hat, and still drink the water out of the glass without every touching the hat. The Gimmick: After the bet is accepted, get under the table and make slurping, drinking sounds. Pop up and say "see for yourself" - they will, of course, pick up the hat to look - and now YOU pick up the glass and drink the water without touching the hat!

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