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List of free and fun games online which use art and drawing skills to play the game!

  • The Sentence Game
    Addictive online free drawing game
    - The Sentence Game is a cross between Pictionary and Telephone - - each game starts with a sentence, the first player tries to draw a picture to interpret that sentence. Then that drawing is given to a different player who must write a sentence to depict what is in the picture, and so on; each game ends after five sentences, four drawings. I find this game to be extremely fun (even if you can't draw at all) and hard to stop playing. You can create your pictures using MS Paint (which I have been doing, though hard for a left-hander to draw with a mouse using my right hand!) or Photoshop or hand-drawn and scanned. Be creative - this is good fun!
    Eligibility Requirements: 18 years or older (or has a parent or guardian's permission to play)

  • RateMyDrawings
    Online Drawing Community
    - Create online drawings, rate other members drawings - enter contests and competitions to win prizes. You can also chat and draw online with your friends, and you can show off your artwork on your blog or website. Join and start drawing now - free registration!

Fun Drawing Art Gaming
  • Doodle Too
    Group Play / Multiplayer Drawing Online - - This is like a big blackboard where everyone is drawing like mad in all the colors of the rainbow. Sometimes you see some real artwork being drawn - other times it looks like a big, crazy scribble pad full of graffiti - it's cool, so join in the fun and feel free to doodle away when you're bored!
    Eligibility Requirements: 18 years or older

  • And try this fun, challenging drawing game:
    Games at - Magic Pen Magic Pen

    Collect the flags with the red ball to complete each level.

    Play this free game now!!

  • Tailless Monkey Puzzle - Find the two monkey twins who have no tails, they are hidden in the image below.
    Tailless Monkey Puzzle

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